Formula Drift Hype: New Track Configuration For Irwindale Confirmed (With Pic)

There were rumors of this for a while but today on the Formula Drift Blog it was confirmed that course configuration for Toyota Speedway AKA Irwindale AKA “The House Of Drift” will be changed.  How?  Well it looks like they are extending the course by including the inner bank opposite to the grid.  This means drivers will not only have to conquer the big bank but BOTH inner bank turns as well while drifting completely across the track’s infield in the process. 

The tire mount guys will definitely be earning their money with this new layout in play.  We can wait to see how this change will effect tandem competition!

Remember the 7th and final round of Formula Drift “Title Fight” is coming up October 7th-8th at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale!  Once again they’re doing reserved seating so hurry up and get your tickets before all the good seats are taken!

P.S. If you want to check out the new track config more closely just click the thumbnail below for a super sized image of the layout.

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