Indy Car Hype: 225 (Quick Result)

If you didn’t watch the 225 Indy Car race in New Hampshire yesterday then you missed one heck of an event.  Things started out normally, with a Chip Ganassi/Target car dominating the race, namely Dario Franchitti.  While the other teams including Team Penske were struggling to figure out the short oval course, somehow the Ganassi cars had it locked down.  However that all ended on lap 188 when Takuma Sato accidentally made contact with Franchitti during a restart, causing him to spin and eventually retire from the race.  This made for a prime opportunity for Will Power to gain some much needed ground in the points chase.  As Will fought his way to the front of the pack Ryan Hunter-Reay was leading the race with Oriol Servia behind him and a battle for third going on between James Hinchcliffe and Scott Dixon.  It was a short time later that things really got interesting.

With 19 laps to go some light rain brought out a full course yellow.  After a few caution laps it was evident that the moisture was going to keep coming and in a total breakdown of information and a serious lapse in judgement race control ordered the field to go green again despite pleas from the drivers to their teams to not go green due to the track surface being dangerously slippery.  The team owners were livid with race control at the mere thought of trying to back to green in such dangerous conditions and scrambled to find an authority to talk sense into.  Michael Andretti predicted that if the race went green again several drivers would spin as most could not even put power down in 2nd or 3rd gear.  Michael’s predictions came to past when the green flag came out and Danica Patrick spun which caused several other cars to spin including Will Power.  Will absolutely lost it going into a swear-ridden tirade over the radio to his team on the incompetence of race control’s decision.  If that wasn’t enough Will got out of the car and started looking for any official he could find and when he did find one he went into a display that many (including myself) are calling one of the greatest indy car moments ever.

After the carnage was over race control immediately red flagged the race bringing the whole thing to a stop while they tried to figure out what to do.  The final decision from control was to end the race in the order the cars were in before the initial yellow flag came out.  This granted the victory to Ryan Hunter-Reay (thus appeasing Michael Andretti’s anger), Oriol Servia took second place while Scott Dixon nabbed third.  The furious Will Power (who later apologized for his tantrum) walked away with a 5th place finish which shaved 15 points off of the points gap between him and Dario Franchitti. 

So far there has been no official word on possible fines for Will Power due to his “colorful display” and language during the incident but we are expecting an answer on that to come soon!  In the meantime check out the race highlights below.

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