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Hype: Password:JDM Theft Proof Oil Caps

Forgive us for not being aware of this but apparently stolen oil caps are something of a problem.  We had no idea there were people out there who went through the trouble of trying to pop the hood of a car that didn’t belong to them just to steal the oil cap.  However,  it seems that it is so much of a problem that the guys at Password:JDM developed an oil cap that is “theft proof”.  The way the oil caps are designed require a special key to tighten or remove them.

Password:JDM claims that once the oil cap is torqued down it is impossible to remove with ones bare hands.  They are so confident of this that they challenge anyone to go down to their showroom and try to remove an oil cap from one of their display cars without using the key.  Anyone who can pull it off (get it? puns are nice!) gets to keep the oil cap!

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