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Hype Event: Vorsteiner Ferrari 599-VX Unveiling

A few weeks ago we got a really classy looking email from Vorsteiner inviting us to a location in Costa Mesa for a “special event”.  At first we weren’t going to go but at the bottom of the invite it said there would be free food and booze so we sent in our RSVP.  When we got to the location last night we walked into what looked like a warehouse from the outside but inside we saw glossy white flooring and super cars everywhere!  Ferrari Enzo? Yeah, that was in the corner parked next to the Porsche Carrera GT and those two cars are sandwiched between two Ferrari F430s, one convertible and one Scuderia.  Between the Rolls Royce Phantom, GT-R and several highly collectible classics there was easily over 4 million dollars worth of vehicles in the place not counting the Vorsteiner demo cars in attendance.  The first question we asked ourselves is how could a shop like this exist so close by without us knowing about it?  We learned the answer is that this place wasn’t a shop, it was private warehouse rented by a client of Vorsteiner to store his personal collection! Jealousssss!


Anyway, the event wasn’t about showing off this collection it was about the official debut of Vorsteiner’s newest project a full tuning package for the Ferrari 599 dubbed the “599-VX”.   If we could paraphrase what Vorsteiner did we would say that they created a package that would fit between the 599 GTO and the 599XX.  The 599-VX package consists of a complete aero kit made from Vorsteiner’s trade mark autoclaved carbon fiber (the aero components are 70% lighter than stock), a set of new monoblock forged wheels, and a custom exhaust produced by BBI Autosport.  Why did Vorsteiner go to BBI for the exhaust? The designers at Vorsteiner were so concerned with making the diffuser completely functional that they reached out to BBI Autosport to create an custom exhaust that would not interupt the design of the diffuser.  The result is a waist-high exhaust exit that looks like two afterburners from an F-18 fighter jet!

To finish off the look Vorsteiner gave the 599-VX a full wrap treatment courtesy of Wraptivo.  A combination of matte white and matte black with hints of red were used to make the lines of the aero package pop.  The result is what you will see below in the pictures.  Note the shot of the 599-VX next to the stock 599 just to see how far apart the two are.  It really was a beautiful sight!  If you want to see the car for yourself and you don’t mind making a long trip the Vorsteiner 599-VX will make its first public appearance at the legendary Pebble Beach Concourse D’Elegance in the Meguiars/Wraptivo booth.  If you can’t make it out to that event then feel free to drool over the pictures we shot below!



If you want to see more pictures visit our Facebook gallery.

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