Hype Video: Honda Makes Fun Of Hipsters. Now We Love Honda.

We have always been fans of Honda around these parts but “love” is probably not a word we would use to describe our feelings towards the big H.  Until now!  During some arbitrary cruising of the interwebs we stumbled across this commercial from Honda Australia for the Jazz (AKA Fit here in the US) in which the question is asked “how much hipster can you pack in a Jazz”.  From the start to the finish the spot beautifully rips on the globes most annoying “subculture” with masterful sarcasm.  if you are as repulsed by hipsters as we are then you will love this commercial! If you happen to be reading this while holding an iPad 2 in one hand and navigating your fixie bike with your other hand as you pedal your way to the fair trade coffee shop then you might be offended…

[Source: LATFH.com]

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