Hype Preview: Disney Gives A “Behind The Wall” Peek At Radiator Springs Racers Cars Land Ride

A little while ago we showed you a short virtual drive through of the upcoming Cars Land attraction area which will be modeled exactly after Radiator Springs and we got super giddy.  Today Disney is blowing our minds by taking us “behind the wall” and showing work-in-progress  pictures of the Radiator Springs Racers attraction which is sure to be one of the main draws of Cars Land.  In these pictures we actually learn a few new fact about the ride.  While we already knew that the ride’s architecture is based on the GM Test Track ride at Disneyworld, what will set Radiator Springs Racers apart from its Orlando, FL cousin is that on this ride two cars will be on track at once racing side by side!  How awesome is that going to be?!  In addition to the side-by-side action ride goers can expect extreme banked turns, elevation changes, and flat out straights.  All of this will be happening as the ride takes the “racers” around Radiator Springs landmarks such as Cadillac Mountain Range.  Just when we thought we could not possibly get more excited for this ride Disney finds a way to get us hyped once again for Cars Land.  2012 has never seemed as far away as it does now!


[Source: Disney Parks Blog]

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