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Wheel Hype: Dency 2000 Lug Bolts (With Video)

Fresh wheels are not cheap.  Especially if you are rocking wheels on an also not cheap European car like a BMW, Benz, or Audi.  There are wheel locks out there but let’s face it most crooks have found ways around the more popular types.  So what’s a wheel fiend to do?  Well the good people at Dency feel like they have the solution.  They have created a set of lug bolts (not nuts, we’re talking European cars people) that have not one but two levels of security.  Each lug bolt is two pieces.  The first piece is a special cap that blocks any type of tool being used on the lug bolt.  The only way to remove the cap is with a special magnetic key.  If a thief manages to get the cap off they still have to worry the unique shape of the lug bolt that can only be removed with a special key socket.  It is admittedly kind of hard to picture this in the imagination so if you want to see the set up in action just scroll down for a quick video explaining each step.  If you are interested in a set just contact Mackin Industries as they are the U.S. distributor for Dency 2000 lug bolts.  Up yours wheel thieves!

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