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Hype Concept: Incepto GT By Samir Sadikhov

This time the hype concept we’re featuring is not something that was drawn up in an OEM’s design studio.  No, this amazing yet non-existent machine dubbed the Incepto GT was created purely from the imagination of an artist named Samir Sadikhov.  Like our friend Jon Sibal, Samir has loads of artistic talent and chooses to lend that talent to automobiles.  One visit to his site (click on his name in red text) and you will see all types of concept cars that made their way from Samir’s mind and onto his computer screen thanks to his skill in programs like Alias Studio.  This is easily one of the most beautiful race cars I have ever seen in my life and it isn’t even “real”!  Keep up the good work Samir, because you a new fan in us!



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