Honda Hype: Skunk2 Billet VTEC Solenoid

If you are a “Honda head” then you know there is no bigger bummer than when your VTEC solenoid goes out and you can no longer enjoy variable valve timing goodness.  One simple way to prevent that problem and add some stealth bad-ass-ery to your engine bay is to pick up Skunk2’s new all billet VTEC solenoidwhen it comes out.  The billet solenoid will work with all VTEC B16A/B or B18C engines and is totally compatible with the stock pressure sensor so all worries are out the window.  As an added plus all the solenoid comes in the “black series” finish which makes it look as “The Zohan” would say “silky smooth”.  The best part about this all is that once the solenoids out you can pick it up for only $119.  Not bad!


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