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What To Do This Weekend Part 3: CEC BMW Meet & PCH Drive

If Japanese imports and the whole JDM kick isn’t your thing then we have an alternative for you this Saturday.  To follow up BimmerFest 2011 CEC in West LA is having their own BMW meet from 10am t0 12 noon followed by a drive along PCH to the famous “Neptune’s Net” restaurant in Malibu for lunch.  While at the CEC home base in LA there will be a raffle with all kinds of cool giveaways.  This event isn’t as early as Hellaflush nor is it as late as the ItsJDMYo meet.  It falls right in the middle and will probably be totally void of anything JDM which is sure to be a major plus to some of you out there.  So, if you like European cars and the idea of eating shrimp at the same place that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker did then this meet is definitely for you!  Just click the red text or the thumbnail below for all the event info.

When: May 21st 10am-12 noon
Where: CEC West LA Tuning Center 10349 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025
Who: CEC
Why: Because anything JDM makes you sick to your stomach.

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