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Wheel Hype: Forgeline GX3

Say hello to Forgeline’s latest addition to its “Performance Series” line, the GX3.  Like their GA3R wheel the GX3 was made with Forgeline’s “I-Beamed” spoke technology which helps reduce weight.  Titanium assembly bits also takes some poundage out of the GX3 as well.  The wheel face is also specially designed for brake clearance no matter what big brake kit you may have.  Manufacturing materials and techniques aside I think my favorite thing about the GXR is its classic Grand-Am racing mesh wheel design.  In fact if you really want to go for that look Forgeline offers the GX3 in a centerlock application! FRESH! 

Press Release:


Dayton OH, April 12, 2010 – 2011 has been a great year for us so far and we have dedicated efforts into developing new products for the year. One of the new wheels that we have just finished is the GX3. With the introduction of the GA3R and our new “I-Beamed” spoke technology, we have incorporated the same technology to the new GX3 which reduces weight and applies additional strength in rigidity within the spokes of the wheel. Along with this, we have also employed titanium assembly hardware to further reduce additional weight and this hardware is hidden to follow the function of cleaning the wheels with ease. The unique design of the center of the GX3 allows for extreme caliper clearance to ensure proper fitment of big brake kit systems.

The GX3 will also feature our proprietary, super strength sealer that is fast drying and is highly resistant to leaks with accessibility for easy repairs. Just like all of our wheels, the GX3 is produced using our traditional forging methods, utilizing 6061-T6 aluminum with heat treated rim-shells. It wouldn’t be a FORGELINE wheel without all the customization options. Just like the rest of our line-up, the GX3 will have full customization capabilities from fitment to finish and will also be offered for centerlock applications. Currently, the GX3 is available in 18 and 20 inch diameters and widths will run from 7 to 15 inches. 19 inch fitments will be available late Spring with a Summer release for 17 inch fitments.

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