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SPOTTED: Sector 111 Lotus Evora At Cars & Coffee

Despite the way things are going with their F1 team right now, I still love Lotus.  I’m a fan of their past road cars and I look forward to the new line up.  So I was “stoked” as they say when I saw this Lotus Evora at Cars & Coffee last weekend from Sector 111.  In case you haven’t heard of them Sector 111 is a shop here in California that specializes in all things Lotus but they are also tinker with Tesla’s and are registered Ariel Atom dealers as well.  This particular Evora has the new Sector 111 rear diffuser as well as Monza forged wheels.  Combined with the red and white paint scheme this car really stood out, even with other high dollar supercars parked around it.  I would drive the wheels off this thing…


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