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Hype Video: McLaren MP4-12C Visits Cars & Coffee

To help launch the future Newport Beach McLaren dealership, McLaren Automotive brought one production spec MP4-12C as well as a stripped down chassis to the popular Cars & Coffee event at the Mazda Corporate Campus in Irvine, CA.  This car was easily the center piece of the show.  There was a substantial crowd around it from the time it showed up all the way until the time it was loaded on to the trailer and driven away.  We managed to work our way through the massive crowd to speak with McLaren Automotive North American Marketing & Communications Manager Lynne Arciero who was on hand to give the details on the car, the new dealership in Newport Beach, and why they chose Cars & Coffee to make their debut.  Scroll down to check out the interview, pics, and a bonus video!





As I said before, the MP4-12C on hand at cars and coffee is the only one in the country right now but it still needs to make a national publicity tour.  As such, you could probably assume that loading and unloading the car is a delicate process.  Once all the other super cars and luxury sedans took off for the day I decided to stick around and film the McLaren team loading the extremely rare and expensive car into the trailer.  Check that out below.

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