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F1 Hype: Australian GP Results

The long wait was finally over this weekend.  Formula 1 was back and it was time to see who would be gunning for revenge against Sebastien Vettel and the Red Bull team.  It was also the start of a new tire era as Pirelli officially took its place as the official supplier for F1.  The new cars for each team were ready and the Lotus issue got sorted out (mostly).  The only thing that was left was to wait for the lights to go out in Melborne and get the 2011 season underway.  Things were already starting out well for Red Bull as Vettel was able to capture the pole position in qualifying the day before but he had strong competition from Lewis Hamilton who is through playing games and showed that he is back on his mission to claim another F1 championship.  Sunday, when the lights went out, Vettel and Lewis immediately shot out from the crowd and started battling each other blow for blow for the entire course of the race.  At the end of the day it was Vettel who dominated Hamilton by beating him to the checkered flag by a margin of 22 seconds!  Following behind Lewis was a strong performance from Vitaly Petrov with Renault.  He looks to be a threat to Sebastien this season as well.  Will this be the tone of the rest of the season or will Hamilton come back even stronger in the next round?  We shall find out!  Welcome back F1!  Check out a full race report on SPEED.

[Photo: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images]

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