@Volkswagen Super Bowl XLV Ads: Fresh? Wack? Or Meh?

In our last Super Bowl XLV commercial post we take a look at the Volkswagen ads.  By now  you’ve probably heard plenty about both of them but just in case you haven’t check them out below.

Volkswagen commercial 1: Black Beetle

In this spot Volkswagen takes a very literal approach to the upcoming new Beetle.

What do I think? FRESH

Why?  It is hard to find something more awesome than an insect drifting through the forrest!

Volkswagen commercial 2: The Force

If you haven’t seen this commercial yet then you haven’t been in the country for the last week or so because it has been everywhere!  In this spot a mini Darth Vader is struggling to develop his force powers.  Just when he feels all hope is lost he has one more encounter that reassures the fact that the force is strong in him..

What do I think?  FRESH x2

Why?  This spot covers all the bases.  Women think it’s cute, men think it’s hilarious, and Star Wars nerds think it’s epic.  It is all win!  Plus the kid’s performance is on point!  Volkswagen managed to make an impression on millions of people without going for a massive big budget production for this commercial.  I mean that literally too.  This commercial already has over 18 million views on YouTube!  18 million!  That isn’t even counting the millions of people who watched it on television Super Bowl Sunday.  Other OEM’s should be taking notes!

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