@Hyundai Super Bowl XLV Ads: Fresh? Wack? Or Meh?

During Super Bowl XLV yesterday Hyundai had a trio of commercials to serve up.  Their spots don’t focus as much on any specific model as they try to communicate their new marketing message.  Watch them below to see what I’m talking about.

Hyundai commercial 1: Hypnotized

In the first spot Hyundai is out to convince us that we’ve been brainwashed to thinking that economy cars have to be bland and boring.

What do I think?  MEH

Why? I don’t hate this but I just don’t think this has the impact that they were going for.

Hyundai commercial 2: Deprogramming

After informing us of our long term brainwash affliction now Hyundai is out to set us free of our mental shackles.  Does it do the trick?

What do I think? WACK

Why?  This commercial didn’t deprogram me.  It just made me freakin’ dizzy!  That’s not good thing to do to millions of people who just finished stuffing themselves with Super Bowl junk food!

Hyundai commercial 3: Anachronistic City

After their attempt to deprogram us Hyundai wants to show us what the world would be like if instead of constantly trying to innovate and move forward we just settled on the first thing that worked.

What do I think?  FRESH

Why?  What makes me like this commercial is the execution.  The question they pose in this spot isn’t one that has been asked very much and I think it is a great question and a cool sureal way to show what the world would be like without progression.

Let us know what you think about these commercials in the comments.

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