Hype News: RAUH-Welt Selling To America

If you’re a JDM freak then you probably know about RAUH-Welt AKA “RWB” for their wild yet absolutely dope body kits for late 80s/early 90s Porsches.  If you know about them then you probably also know that their awesome creations were pretty much exclusively sold in Japan and likely Europe.  However I recently discovered they have a RWB USA website and “international contact” which is simply an AOL email address but hey, that’s a start.  If you really want a genuine RWB wide body kit for your Porsche then there is now officially I way for you to talk to these folks directly.  However, I should probably let you know that a RAUH-Welt kit doesn’t come cheap.  Be prepared to spend $20k before shipping and any other costs associated with importing the kit from Japan!

[Source: JDM EGO]

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