Hype Correction: SpoCom & Motion Auto Show Are NOT Connected

A few days ago I posted that the SpoCom show is being renamed into Motion Auto Show.  This was a mistake!  SpoCom is now its own entity and will continue to produce shows under the SpoCom name while Pro-Motion has broken off from the SpoCom team to produce their own show which is the Motion Auto Show.  I want to apologize for any confusion this may have caused.  I made this mistake upon receiving the press release about Motion Auto Show and read that it would be produced by Pro-Motion Distributing which was a force behind the SpoCom show as well.  So I made the assumption that it was the same team but with a new name.  You know what they say about assuming things!

In short there is good news and bad news.  The bad news is I screwed up.  The good news is now you have two shows to look forward to instead of just one!  I recently spoke with a representative from SpoCom and they should be releasing their 2011 schedule shortly.  I’ll keep you posted!

SpoCom Website: SpoComUSA.com

Motion Auto Show Website: MotionAutoShow.com

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