@Ford Focus Super Bowl XLV Ad: Fresh? Wack? Or Meh?

Ford had two commercials this year for the Super Bowl.  One was to bring attention to the new 2012 Ford Focus through a rally competition and the other was just a run of the mill add for the Ford F-150.  In this post we’ll focus on the Ford Focus commercial.

Ford commercial: Focus Rally

To promote the 2012 Focus, Ford has chosen several two-person teams to compete against each other in a cross country rally in which their progress depends on the amount of followers each team has via the official rally site, twitter, and probably Facebook too.

What do I think? MEH..

Why? Well the concept is cool and it looks like Ford is putting a lot of resources and production value into this.  However Mercedes Benz recently did something very similar but it directly tied-in with the Super Bowl and they didn’t promote it as heavily.  Bottom line is while this is cool it’s been done before.  Although, to Ford’s credit they take it a lot further than Mercedes did.

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