BMW’s Super Bowl XLV Ads: Fresh? Wack? Or Meh?

BMW had two different Super Bowl commercials to serve up this year.  Both commercials avoided the “over the top” approach that is normally associated with Super Bowl ads and instead focued on up coming technology and demonstrating how they are “doing their part” so to speak.  Scroll below to watch, see my opinions, and add your own in the comments.

BMW commercial 1: “Changes”

In this spot BMW is introducing their intent to bring their diesel line up to the states and they’ve found an interesting way to reassure America that their diesels wont be anything like we may remember from years past..

What do I think? FRESH

Why? Many manufacturers have talked bout their diesel offerings but from what I’ve seen none have really stepped up and said they’re going to do it better than everyone else.  Good for you for having some balls BMW!


BMW commercial 2:  “Defying Logic”

In this spot BMW is making an attempt to show their commitment to strengthen our countries ill economy by setting up shop here and creating jobs.

What do I think? WACK

Why?  This comercial was very close to a “FRESH” rating but I think they’ve muddled up the message.  It is great that they want to show us how they will pitch in to help our enconmy but the title “defying logic” really takes the good intention out of it.  It feels like they’re saying: “It doesn’t make any sense to help you, but we will because that’s how good we are.”  It’s a bit lacking in the tact department if you ask me.

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