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Wheel Hype: Antera Type 505 Available @CECWheels

Pay attention Euro car freaks.  Anew Antera wheel has arrived!  The new design, “Type 505” is a split 5 spoke star design with a series gradual and sharp angular edges that would make any Chris Bangle fan squeal with delight.  A design such as this would probably be at home on a coupe or the more rakish looking sports sedans (i.e. Mercedes Benz CLS, Audi A7).  Currently the only finish available is silver but let’s face it if you have the cash for it wheels can be any color you want them to be these days.  Available diameters range from 18″x8.5″ to 20″x10.5″.  If the new Antera Type 505 wheels make your special places tingle then contact CEC right away and they will help you out.


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