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Hype Video: @Audi R18 Debut

At the end of the racing season we all pitched a collective tent when Audi revealed their new LeMans race car, the R18.  However, most of us only saw pictures.  Audi finally released some video of the event which I’ve placed below just because I like you guys and gals so much.  Oh, and if you aren’t already aware, the R18 is pretty much a full reboot of the LeMans prototypes that Audi has built in the last few years.  They’ve gone back to a closed cockpit and they’ll run a V6 TDI turbo diesel engine.  They didn’t reveal any horsepower numbers yet but we can imagine that the torque will be through the roof!  We’ll post more info about the R18 when we get it but in the meantime enjoy the video below!

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