Evasive Motorsports (@EvasiveMtrsprts) Is Selling Garage HRS Time Attack EVO VIII

Have you ever wanted to compete in time attack? Have you ever wanted to compete in time attack with a balls out insanely fast car built by one of the best tuners in Japan?  Do you have a spare $60k and some time on your hands? Then I suggest you hit up Evasive Motorsports right now because Garage HRS is selling their purpose built time attack Mitsubishi Evo VIII and they have enlisted Evasive Motorsports as a representative in case there is anyone state side who would like to purchase the car.  If you have the desire and the cash Evasive can take care of everything for you.  Including all the documentation and logistics.  Obviously once the car is here you wont be able to register it and it will have to be a track only deal but isn’t that what all time attack cars are like anyway?

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