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@CECWheels Hype Event: Private Lexus Announcement At CEC

We were lucky enough to be invited to Claus Ettenberger’s CEC boutique in west LA for a special announcement event last night.  What was the big news?  CEC is going to produce a product line for Lexus vehicles, starting with the LFA supercar.  According to Mr. Ettenberger his firm will build three CEC edition Lexus LFA’s featuring CEC wheels and other custom carbon fiber pieces on the inside and out.  The only area CEC will not touch is the engine because, well what more could you do to it? 

The event itself was pretty swanky with fancy food, music, and more than a few VIP attendees.  However, the star of the show was the bright yellow Lexus LFA in the middle of the CEC showroom.  Despite Italian and German supercars parked outside or in the back it was the Lexus getting all the attention last night.  The LFA was even started up a few times indoors!  It was awesome!  During the festivities I was lucky enough to get a moment with Claus himself and ask why he decided to work with a Japanese brand after over 20 years of tuning European cars.  Watch the video below for his response.  You can also check out a few pictures from the event as well.  For the full gallery visit our Facebook page.  We want to say thank you to CEC and Lexus for inviting us out to their event and giving us a chance to get up close and personal with the most expensive Japanese sports car ever built!



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