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LA Auto Show: Porsche Exhibit

The Porsche exhibit is always one of my favorite places to visit when I go to the LA Auto Show.  Since they always get the Petree hall all to themselves its always a treat to see how they will creatively transform the same space for the year.  This year didn’t disappoint as the first thing you’re greeted with as you enter the exhibit is a vintage Porsche 356, the first Porsche sold in the United States.  As you keep walking deeper into the exhibit there was a row of vintage Porsche posters on the left wall featuring icons like Steve McQueen.  Then on your right is a transparent wall that gives you a clear view of Porsche’s history making GT3R Hybrid race car.

After that it was on to the awesomeness.  Besides Porsche’s current line up of sports cars there were two North American debuts (Porsche Speedster and Porsche Carrera GTS) as well as the world wide debut of the Porsche Cayman R.  Look for future posts with more details about the new Cayman R as well as other new offerings by Porsche.  In the mean time check out a few shots from the exhibit here and the rest will be in our Porsche Exhibit Facebook gallery.



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