Rich Hype: 2011 Neiman Marcus Edition Chevy Camaro Convertible

One of the first signs that the holiday season is coming up is when Neiman Marcus releases their Christmas catalog to all the rich folk.  There is usually always some type of limited edition luxury car included but this year they decided to go with some drop-top muscle.  For a scant $75k you can buy your loved one a limited edition 2011 Neiman Marcus Chevy Camaro convertible!  What makes it “limited”?  Well, besides the price the Neiman Marcus Camaro is available in an exclusive tripple coat of “Deep Bordeaux” paint.

Don’t worry though, the $75k price tag also gets you the 400HP V8 engine from the Camaro SS!  Not too bad huh?  I wonder how many people will fork over that kind of cash in this “recovering” economy?

[Source: CNN Money]

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