HRE Forged R40 Motorsport Wheel

Can you honestly look at this wheel and not hear Angels singing?  Because I can’t…  In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful wheel that HRE has ever produced hands down!  The Forged R40 Motorsport wheel is actually a desendant of a wheel that HRE custom built for a 2010 Grand-AM championship winning team.  This consumer version is still mostly meant for dedicated race cars (as center lock options are available) or very high performance street cars (hello Porsche GT3 RS, nice to meet you). 

Knowing that I am going to make a plea to all of you out there who have more money than sense.  PLEASE do not buy these wheels and then hire a freakin’ engineer to figure out how to get them to fit on a damn Civic or 240SX or anything of that sort!  Don’t get me wrong I still have love for those cars but this is my new favorite wheel and I don’t want to see it tainted damnit!

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