GTR build to SEMA: long live our stance…

Count down starts .. its official 17 days till dooms day .. but i have some of the best builders on the east coast on my side to build the gtr .. joe, has taken car off all my cars since i was about 21, granted for those that know him think he is just a baller “dub” builder but really what is comes down to is that he can take on any project .. so but the really magic happens with the team at .. Jimmy and Chris are honestly some of the best on the east coast.  With Joe spear-heading the entire build they make me feel really at ease hitting the dead line to SEMA….

In the end its all in good stress to get the car done for sema and wraptivo and our other sponsors .. building a car isn’t all its seems to be .. you have to manage allot and build relationships it really takes over you entire life .. this is my 9th sema build granted some people are a fan and some aren’t but now you can see the amount of time and work that goes into getting this done let alone document the whole experience.

RJ linked me in with George at KW suspension, witch was a blessing … allot of you mentioned that he rendering didn’t do much for you .. but like i said there is much more to the car then just wheels .. when RJ mentioned that he would be able to talk to George and see where we can fit in KW into the project i was ecstatic there really isn’t any suspension systems out there that would be able to let us have a hellaflush stance and astatine our “Grip”performance.

As soon as we got the suspension in i drove up to MVP to shoot and film the entire install .. here was my office for the day on a hand made 2 step stool.  It was rather comfy!

Here is the Wraptivo / MVP GTR at stock height.

All the proper tools you need to complete this project.

Time to jump into it!

I have to admit, this is my first set of KW ever .. i have always been eibach, b&g, and tien guy .. but i have to admit, these KW coilovers are no joke the work and amount of R&D put into the product really comes out when its in your hands.

Vast in its glory .. when i deiced that we are going to slam the car hellaflush status.  It wasn’t for any other reason but the followers of this site.  People that own a Nissan GT-R may or may not love this car when it is done but its just because they aren’t “hellaflush”  Long live our stance!

Ernie Manansala

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