Lotus Elite (With Video)

Lotus is blowing up the Paris Motor Show with a ton of new models which we’ll show off a little more later.  First up though is the new Lotus Elite.  The Elite is what Lotus describes as the “gentleman’s sports car”.  What does that mean?  Well it isn’t so much about the “lighter is better” philosophy that Lotus usually follows as the Elite comes in at about 3600lbs.  However it is motivated by a 600+ horsepower V8 sourced from the Lexus IS-F and has a very luxurious 2+2 interior with retractable hardtop.  This car is for getting your “grown-man” on but still keeping some performance in the clip when you want to blast off a few straightaways.  Check out the video below for more insight on Lotus’ mindset when creating the Elite.



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