Indy Car: Kentucky Indy 300 Results (With Video)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend!  I’m sure some of you, like me spent some time on Saturday watching the Kentucky Indy 300.  For those who didn’t here is a quick run down of how things played out.  Going into the race many were thinking that this was the weekend that Will Power was going to increase his points gap and pretty much lock in his 2010 championship title.  However after a near crash due to washing out while trying to pass lapped traffic shook him off the lead and after he recovered the best he was able to muster was an 8th place finish.  That didn’t bode well for him as his closest rival Dario Franchitti finished 5th, closing the points gap to just 17 points with two races left.

So who took the win?  None other than Will Power’s teammate Helio Castroneves.  Yeah, I know we haven’t heard his name in a while have we?  Early in the race Helio’s crew botched a pit stop.  So his race strategist decided to turn the misfortune into an advantage by going off sequence thus giving Helio more fuel than the rest of the field which enabled him to take the lead late in the race and capture the win.  Check out the rest of the race highlights in the video below.

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