Hype Video: Lewis Hamilton Vs Facebook

In the latest marketing stunt by Vodafone (AKA Verizon here in the US) they have decided to put their mobile broadband network against the youngest champion in F1.  The way it will work is that a 2.7km course will be set up for the young driver to navigate and at the same time a Vodafone mobile device will attempt to download a 288MB file of Facebook pictures.  The test will be if the device can finish downloading all the pictures before Hamilton completes the course hence the cool looking CGI F1 car in the promo video.  This race is slated to go down on September 13th so if you want your Facebook picture added to the 288MB file that Hamilton will race against head over to facebookvshamilton.nl to be a part of the race.


[Source: DigitalBuzzBlog.com]

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