@GReddy_Power Hype Event: GReddy Fest 2

As promised we visited GReddy Fest 2 over the labor day weekend and the joint was crackin’!  There was fleet after fleet of dope rides with GReddy gear not to mention a few pretty fresh rides from GReddy themselves on display.  One big surprise for me was the revelation that GReddy is getting into the fixed gear bike business as they had a whole display case full of billet machine cut fixed gear parts straight from Japan on display.  Besides the eye candy there was a huge mega sale on GReddy goodies as they cleaned out their garage to make room for new 2011 inventory.  This was a great event and beyond what I think most were expecting.  If you didn’t make it out this year you need to promise yourself that you’ll be there in 2011!  Check out our full gallery on our facebook fan page.

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