F1: Singapore Grand Prix (Results)

The 2010 Singapore Grand Prix has come and gone and in its wake it has left a path of destruction that has shaken up the points battle a bit.  The race started off with a bang when Fernando Alonso nearly drove 2nd place qualifier Sebastien Vettel into the wall as he forcefully snatched the lead away.  While Fernando was trying his best to run away from Vettel the mid-packers started to engage in what I can only liken to a “Lord Of the Rings” style epic battle on wheels.  Let’s just say no one seemed to care about smashing their multi-million dollar race car into the other guy if it meant gaining a position.

This became especially apparent in lap 36 when Mark Webber was held up by lapped traffic and Lewis Hamilton attempted  an opportunistic pass on the Aussie driver.   “Attempted” is the operative word here as Lewis couldn’t quite complete his mission.  You see, Lewis made his move as they were going into turn 7 but right as Lewis went to make his apex he didn’t realize that Webber didn’t back off an inch so the two collided.  Webber came out ok but poor Lewis broke his wheel, forcing him to retire and possibly ending his championship run.

Fernando Alonso went on to win the race with Sebastien Vettle coming in second, and Mark Webber in third.  Fernando’s win puts him just 11 points behind first place Mark Webber in the championship race while Lewis Hamilton’s DNF punted him from 5 points behind Webber to 20 points behind!  With only 5 races left in 2010 Lewis will need a miracle just to catch up.

The next race on the schedule is the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka Circuit 10 days from now.  Make sure you don’t miss it!

[Photo: Paul Gilham/Getty Images]

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