World’s Most Expensive Car Wash (With Video)

Among exotic car owner circles car detailing is a big deal.  It is also a big business, especially if you happen to be a detailer that is very good at what you do.  However there isn’t much that can compare to the lengths that Gurcharn Sahota of the UK will go to completely clean a car.  On average it takes him about four weeks to fully detail a car and that includes: multi-stage waxing and polishing (which takes two weeks on its own), full under-carriage cleaning, even sterilizing the seats with a special steam machine!

To help him check is work he goes over every square inch of the car with a specialized microscope to check the paint for small scratches and imperfections.  So how much will it set you back to have your car spend four weeks in Gurcharn’s car spa? Try just over $13,000 USD!  Sounds like a ton of money but if you consider the fact that some of the cars Gurcharn details have sticker prices of well over $150k then maybe another 13 grand isn’t so unreasonable to make sure your exotic is in tip top shape.


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