What To Do This Weekend: Nisei Week Import Showoff In Little Tokyo August 14th (TOMORROW!)

If you don’t already know about this then take a moment to educate yourself on one of the most legit car shows of the year.  Ken Miyoshi has once again secured a spot in Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles to hold the annual Nisei Week Import Showoff.  This event is mecca for JDM fan boys like us!  We’ll be there and we may even have a few goodies to give away.  If you’re in town DO NOT miss this event.  There, you’ve been informed and now you officially have no excuse!  Don’t say money either because it is only 12 bucks to get in!

Event Info:

DATE: August 14th 2010 (Saturday)
TIME: 11am – 7pm
ADMISSION: $12 at the door (kids under 10 free)
ADDRESS: 100 S. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA. 90012

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