Hype Apparel: MWH’s First Shirt: “SUPER HYPE ME!”

After almost two years of being on the good ol’ interwebs we have finally decided to create a shirt.  Our first design dubbed “SUPER HYPE ME!” is now available and totally free.  The catch is there isn’t any one place to get it.  We may bring a few to an event we’re covering and ask you to find us or we might ask trivia question via our twitter or facebook pages and the first person to get the right answer will get a shirt.  We’ll try to let you know when, where, and how you can get a MotorworldHype shirt when we have a few to give away so stay tuned!.  If you miss an opportunity to get a shirt don’t be totally bummed because there is a good chance we’ll have a few SUPER HYPE ME sticker on hand as well.

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