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Indy Car: Honda Indy Toronto (Results)

On Sunday the Indy Car series threw an open wheel race party up north in Paul Tracy’s hometown of Toronto.  The fans really wantetd Tracy to be there and Tracy really wanted to win there (his last win in Toronto was 2003).  For a while it looked like Tracy was about to get what he wanted but because of a miscalculation by his race strategist Tracy had to give up the lead and a shot at the win to re-fuel.  This then left the race up to Justin Wilson who inherited the lead that Tracy gave up.  However Justin had Will Power (the last of the three Penske cars that were in the running) behind him as well as Dario Franchitti.

The pressure from the two top tier drivers was soon too much for Justin and he spun in a corner from pushing too hard.  From that point Will Power and Dario Franchitti had their own battle for the remaining 15 laps of the race but Dario just didn’t have enough for Will Power and Mr. Power went on to take the win.  It looks like the streak of Penske and Ganassi wins is going to start all over again!  Check out the video below for race highlights and visit the Indy Car website for a full post race report on their end.

[Photo: Indy Car]

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