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Indy Car: 2012 Chassis Annoucement

Today the Indy Car Series announced which manufacturer won the 2012 chassis battle.  It looks like Dallara will once again be the chassis provider with a brand new design.  I know what you’re thinking! “That kind of sucks..”  However there are some interesting developments that come along with this choice.  The first of which is that the new chassis will be lighter and 40% cheaper than the current chassis.  Part of making the chassis cheaper comes from the fact that Dallara has committed to building a facility in the states to make it easier to source the chassis to the teams.

The other development is that the new chassis will be somewhat modular.  This means other aero manufacturers are open to building their own aerodynamic “add-on” packages for the Dallara chassis.  This also gives the teams freedom to experiment with set-ups and put together packages they feel work the best.  This means we may finally get away from all the cars looking the same! You can learn about all the other juicy tidbits by watching the replay of the full announcement below.

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