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F1: Turkish Grand Prix Results

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!  You may have been too busy BBQ-ing to pay attention to all the racing that went on Sunday so I’m going to attempt to give you all a quick re-cap starting with F1.  This weekend the F1 grid landed in Istanbul, Turkey for the Turkish GP (go figure).  As usual during practice and qualifying the two Red Bull Racing cars had strong performances.  However the real surprise was Lewis Hamilton who stuck his nose in the battle of the two Red Bull teammates and qualified in row 1 for the first time this season.

When the lights went out on Sunday both Red Bull cars attempted to get a jump in the field but they couldn’t shake Hamilton who appeared to be on a mission from the speed gods.  Once he found his opportunity he passed a increasingly slowing Mark Webber for the lead.  While Lewis worked on building a cap an unexpected battle unfolded between Mark Webber and Sebastien Vettel.  For some reason Mark continued to get slower each lap while Vettel got faster.  However, Webber fought with everything he could to keep Vettel behind him which led to the two drivers eventually colliding against each other in lap 40.  This allowed Lewis and his teammate Jenson Button to move past the squabble leading to a 1-2 finish for the McLaren Vodafone team while Mark Webber limped to 3rd keeping him at the top of the points standings.

You can guarantee there was a long discussion in the Red Bull paddock after the race.  You can read a full post race report on SPEED TV’s website.  The next round will be in Canada and I’m sure we’ll learn about all the drama before the next race weekend.

[Photo: Malcolm Griffiths/Getty Images]

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