F1: Canadian GP Results

While Audi was kicking butt in LeMans, F1 was putting on their own show in another French speaking country.  Once again the Canadians got to enjoy the pageantry of F1 while us Yankees had to settle with watching it on TV.  If you did get a chance to watch you would have seen Lewis Hamilton dominate the weekend and go on to win the race leading a McLaren 1-2 finish with Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari bringing up third.  Lewis drove a pretty masterful race and with his teammate Jenson Button in tow they pulled off a second consecutive 1-2 finish.  Lewis and Jenson now lead the driver’s points standings respectively while many are starting to question of the Red Bull show is over.  Check out SPEED’s full post-race report for the juicy details.

[Photo: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images]

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