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Hype Movement: NoFakeSh*t.org

Within our culture knock-offs of legit stuff has become the norm.  And the only reason it has become the norm is because of all the newbies and posers out there who want to rock quality stuff but aren’t willing to shell out the cash to get the real thing.  Sometimes its because they don’t know better and sometimes its because they don’t think there is a difference. 

However, those of us who do know better and do know there is a difference are starting to get a little tired of people blatantly re-producing low quality copies of our favorite brand name stuff.  The only way to stop this wack-osity is to weary of fake products and to spread the word that knock-off is not the way to go.

That brings us to a new website started by a few individuals called NoFakeShit.org.  NoFakeShit.org encourages you to spread the word about fake stuff and to try and put a stop to it where you can.  As the website says “Friends don’t let friends rockfakesh*t!”

[Via: JDM Ego]

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