Review: Drift Alliance “Stay Hungry” DVD

I know this DVD has been out for quite some time now but I never got around to watching it until now.  I loved the first Drift Alliance DVD and “Stay Hungry” doesn’t disappoint.  In this flick we get an introduction to Ryan Tuerck and the Drift Alliance aces.  The whole video pretty much takes you along shot gun with the crew as the travel the country (and even a few other countries) competing against each other, having fun, and getting half naked.  You’re wondering about that last one but it will all become clear once you watch it.  Oh and I highly recommend checking out “Sergio and the bear” in the bonus features.  So bottom line if you like drifting, drunken crazy antics, and alligators you should pick up this DVD.  Its available right now in’s store for about 15 bucks.  Money well spent in my opinion!

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