GoPro Motorsports Hero HD Camera

Track videos, in-car videos, and on-car videos are starting to become more common and better produced.  This is largely because of high-quality cameras specifically made for these applications.  Right now the king of motorsports camera is easily GoPro.  Ever since GoPro cameras came out the Internet has been blessed with some awesome video like Darren McNamara testing his Saturn Sky drift car.  Now, GoPro has a full line of HD cameras including the Motorsports Hero HD

This little white box shoots at 1080p, 960p, and 720p resolutions, 2.5 hours of battery life on a full charge, and records video to SD cards.  It also comes with a water resistant rugged outer casing for protection, a suction cup mount, several adhesive mounts, and a few “buckles” to make sure you can get the angles you want.  For 300 bucks that is a damn good package!  Check out a sample video below for an idea of how awesome this thing is.

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