BMI Racing Plans To Bring World’s Only Four-Rotor Mazda RX-8 To Formula Drift

Ever since Sevenstock in ’09 BMI Racing’s RX-8 has been making a pretty big splash on the Internet and within the Mazda community.  That kind of thing happens when you’ve got the only RX-8 in the world with super rare hand built four-rotor engine.  So far all this car has had to do is park somewhere and start the engine and hundreds of car nuts and rotor heads will come running to get an earful of the violent symphony that comes from underneath this beast’s hood.  While most were content with that, a recent article on Mazda’s website revealed that BMI Racing intends to bring their one of a kind creation to Formula Drift for the 2010 season with Pro-AM graduate Charles Ng as their driver. 

Word has it that the car is going out for its first drift test session pretty soon, so we’ll try to crash that event and get some footage of this thing sideways.

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