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Nissan 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition

If you were holding out on picking up the new 370Z then I think now is the time to pull the trigger.  Nissan just announced a 40th Anniversarymodel to celebrate the sixth generation of the Z.  The 40th Anniversary 370Z starts off as a Coupe in “Touring” trim with the viscous LSD, front lip, rear spoiler, and the Rays wheels.  Where it starts to get exclusive is the aesthetics.  The new anniversary model comes in a limited “40th Quartz” paint job and what Nissan calls “smoke finish” wheels, which are really a satin matte black with red brake calipers in the background.  Inside is a special edition red leather interior with badging and and embossed “40th Anniversary” logo on the seats.  Also just to make you feel special Nissan will throw in a plaque of authenticity and satin car cover. 

Personally, I’m really feeling it.  I love the color, the wheels, and the interior is fresh.  Nissan also did the right thing by building it on a touring model instead of a base so you still get more than just the extra flash.  If you’re feeling it too then jump quick because Nissan is only producing 1,000 units.  With the price hovering just below $40k it should go pretty quickly unless dealers mark it up.


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