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Richard Branson Announces Virgin Racing F1 Team

The silly season of F1 has barely started and things have already been massively shaken up.  This is mostly due to salary disagreements and a flood of new teams entering the world stage of Formula 1.  With Jenson Button heading to McLaren and Mercedes practically leaving McLaren for Brawn GP (Turning it into Mercedes GP) it looks like Virgin CEO Richard Branson decided to step out of the lover’s quarrel and start his own team dubbed “Virgin Racing.”

After cruising their website for a few moments it looks as if they’re putting together an all star team on a shoe string budget.  In fact Branson almost boasts that his team will run on no more than 40mm Euros per season.  That might sound like a lot but compared to the budgets of the big teams 40 mil is pennies.  It looks like Richard enjoys being David to McLaren/Ferrari’s Goliath. However Virgin Racing will be armed with much more than a slingshot and a single rock.  To help with keeping the budget down Virgin Racing has chosen Cosworth to be their engine provider.  They’ve got Timo Glock and Lucas Di Grassi as their one-two punch.  They also absconded famed technical director Nick Wirth from Acura’s ALMS program and John Booth handling the sporting director duties.

This is definitely a team to look out for.  I am personally expecting big things from Virgin Racing next year.


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