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F1: Jenson Button Joins Lewis Hamilton At McLaren

News recently broke that Jenson Button will be leaving Brawn GP (Now known as Mercedes Grand Prix thanks to a large investment) and will join Lewis Hamilton at McLaren.  This marks the first time that two champions have been on the same team since…well, a long time ago!  It looks like even with all the money Jenson’s former team just received from Mercedes it wasn’t enough to keep the 2009 Champion driving for them.  Which also shows just how much money McLaren had all along since they had to buy a 40% team stake back from Mercedes yet still had enough to pay Mr. Button what he was asking for.  The British public is of course ecstatic about this move.  Two British champions on an all British team is a big deal for them but, its yet to be seen how the two will get along next year.

[Photo: guardian.co.uk]

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