Kia Soul Xpression (Concepts)

Ok I know what you’re thinking and you are right Kia’s don’t typically find a place here on MotorworldHype but I caught wind of a few Kia Soul concepts that really grabbed my attention.  Especially the rally inspired Soul that is pure hotness.  The roadster is a bit much for me but like the title of the post says its all about expression.  Check out some more pics below and the press release.

Press Release:

Soul Xpression
Soul Xpression is an exhibition of the creative spirit by Antenna Magazine and Kia Motors showcasing a unique merging of style leaders and passionate trailblazers from the worlds of music, fashion and technology. Partners in the project include etnies, Huf, Original Penguin, Smart Design, DJ Whoo Kid, Todd Schmidt and surf brand In4mation all of whom designed custom Kia Souls (8 cars in total).

Artist and photographer Todd Schmidt grew up motorcycling the west deserts of Utah, mountain biking Moab’s world famous trails, skiing the backcountry, piloting a hand-built plane, and sailing mountain lakes on his Hobie 16′. So it comes as no surprise that when we asked him to reveal his Soul Xpression, Schmidt took the outdoors to heart and designed both a Rally and Roadster version. With the rally, he wanted to give the Kia Soul the means to take you anywhere, be it on or off the pavement. He gave it a carbon fiber hood, OZ racing wheels, and a go-anywhere gusto. With the Roadster, he went for a sleeker look inspired by a night out in the city meant to turn heads. In both cars, all parts deliberately have both form and function, like a Swiss watch. “I find influencein the design of beautiful things around me. I love fine wristwatches. There is something about a miniature machine that quietly goes about its business with gears, jeweled bushings, and springs all packaged into a beautifully shaped and carved case,” he says. Also inspired by classic cars and fighter planes, Schmidt’s design philosophy is to design with purpose, restraint and to respect what is visually pleasing. “I love things that look like everything on them is there to work, have a purity in design and are always ready to handle anything that comes their way,” he says. “Soul Xpression to me means allowing yourself to be free, to follow your passion down whatever road it takes you.”

Why a roadster?
It is form driven by function-solid looking and clean. I wanted the car to be one the valet would leave up front to turn heads no matter what you’re parked next to. The top mount speaker bar can easily handle the ambiant noise of the city, setting the right mood for a night out. I saw this as a lifestyle vehicle that is primed for both solo driving and a night cruising with friends. This Kia Soul has the heart of a street machine with the soul of a celebrity out on the town.

What specifically Influences you in the design of your car?
This car was influenced by a cross between the cars that are raced in the WRC and the Dakar Rally. I wanted to give the Kia Soul the means to take you anywhere, be it on or off the pavement. I have always loved watching SKODAS, Renaults, and other automotive brands compete on roads that most people would fear driving their off-road vehicle on. I thought it was a fun project to take a great on-road vehicle and put it in a totally different environment in a sport that’s about having fun, the outdoors, and being in the moment.
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