F1: Brazilian GP Results

Just like last year, the Brazilian GP was a big deal.  Everyone was doing the math and trying to figure out who needed to do what to stay alive in the championship points battle.  This race was even more important for Rubens Barrichello.  Not only did he want to keep his championship hopes alive and continue the fight with his teammate Jenson Button but he wanted to finally win in front of his native Brazil with his family and friends looking on.  For a while it looked like Rubens’ dream was about to come true as he drove like a racing god in the rain to earn the pole during qualifying and ran away from the pack as the race started.  Unfortunately due to some mystery change on the car during a pit stop caused Rubens to fall behind and allowed Mark Webber to take and hold onto the lead to earn the victory.

Meanwhile, in mid-pack Jenson was comfortably positioned in 5th place.  I know that doesn’t sound awesome but with Rubens struggling and Sebastien Vettel hanging out way in the back, 5th place was just enough for Jenson to lock in the 2009 title.  Which he did by race end!  Jenson Button is officially the 2009 World Champion!

Feels kind of climatic doesn’t it?  Yet there is still one more race left so it definitely aint over folks!  Check out the video below for the SPEED post race report.

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