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Hype Embargo Violation: McLaren MP4-12C

Technically pictures and info about this car aren’t supposed to be available to the U.S. until tomorrow but thanks to Autoblog and CAR magazine UK we have all the goods now! McLaren is finally ready to reveal their 100% in-house bespoke supercar project that was once dubbed the “P11”.  Now known as the “MP4-12C” this is McLaren’s first car that was done 100% independently.  No BMW or Mercedes powerplant under the hood on this one. 

The MP4-12C has a McLaren designed twin turbo V8 that makes 600HP and 443lb/ft of torque (90% of which is available before 2000 rpm).  As you may have guessed exterior-wise the MP4 is all carbon fiber and composite material and this includes the body panels.  As for the looks I’m not quite sure I like this more than the legendary McLaren F1.  I know I’ll get shot for this but the front end reminds me of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe.  However, I’m positive that is where the similarities end!  Check out the pics below and let us know what you think.




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